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Design, in its broadest sense, is the enabler of the digital era – it’s a process that creates order out of chaos, that renders technology usable to business. Design means being good, not just looking good.

- Clement Mox, Graphic Designer



Aaron Marquez is a freelance web designer out of Bellingham, Washington and one of the first to launch a .design site. He began designing at an early age when he won Adobe Creative Suite in a competition. He told us, "I used to use aaronmarquezdesign.com, but when I found out .design would be available I got excited. Now aaronmarquez.design is my primary domain, the other is a redirect."

“.design showed as something I could 'pre­order.' I instantly fell in love with the idea as it fits my studio name perfect - AaronMarquez.Design: it’s a domain name and representation of my work.”



CORE Design Services is a full­-service boutique design agency, specializing in Web and print design. The company has existed in one form or another since 1988, when it was primarily a corporate interior design/planning firm. The company became aware of .design over a year ago and pre­registered for core.design as soon as it was offered.

“It [.design] offers my company an opportunity to stand out as an early adopter and leading edge organization.”



Energi.design is an award-winning motion graphics and web design/UI/UX company, previously based in London and San Francisco, and now in Munich. After adopting a number of domain names such as energi.click, energidesign.com and clickenergi.com, Energi.design was able to acquire the perfect domain to match: energi.design. As Steve told us, “Energi.design is the actual name of my company, founded 20 years ago. So finally having the exact domain name to match it is perfect.”

“The name perfectly matches the company—and brand. When I learned about .design becoming available, I signed up right away.”



Transom.design is a design firm in Seattle, Washington with over 30 years of design experience. Their expertise ranges from web design to brand creation and everything in between. The company had struggled finding the right domain name: “at the early stages we had unwisely chosen transomco.com, which led to confusion regarding our name.” Now they’re the happy owners of transom.design. Their favorite thing about the domain? “Clarity. It says who we are and what we do.” Watch the .design founder series: transom.design here.

“When I heard about the .design top-level domain it seemed the obvious choice to clarify both what we do and our name.”



Brian Holdsworth created Holds Worth Design eight years ago. Their services span from web design to graphic design and brand consultations. In their eight years of business they’ve cultivated an impressive portfolio of custom websites. We asked Brian what the .design TLD means to him and he said, “It perfectly encompasses what we do… It indicates to our audience what we do by keywords that they recognize.”

“We switched from a .com and we did so because this TLD more accurately describes what we do as opposed to something generic and undefined.”



BROX Design began as a hobby for Ivan Radosavljević & Predrag Bozovic, over 16 years ago. And, when we spoke with Ivan, he told us “Deep inside it is still a hobby, as we do it with our hearts." Today it is a business with expertise in graphic, interior and web design; as well as fashion and leather goods. Their client list includes big brands such as Harrods, Armani Jeans and The Four Seasons Hotel.

“.design represents an important step in the promotion of our company. It is a simple and effective tool to broadcast what we do.”



LUK Design is a Helsinki - based design studio. They are a multidisciplinary team working in the field of visual communication. They offer individual communication design concepts, brand management, front end & UI/UX design, publication design, and video production. They switched to a .design domain as soon as it became available. “We also saw it as an opportunity to strengthen our image as a modern design studio that followed all recent trends in web design. Furthermore, it sounds more international that .fi,” said Anna Muchenikova, Art Director at LUK.

“When .design was open to registration, we registered luk.design as soon as possible.”


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